Bloons TD 6: How To Get XP Fast (2024)

Bloons Tower Defence 6 can be a difficult game to get started in, especially as there is such a great deal of grinding early in the game to unlock better tower upgrades. These upgrades are practically necessities for winning the difficult game modes, especially on the more advanced maps.

Related:Bloons TD6 Every Hero, RankedTo get there, players can grind away as much as they want, but there will always be better and quicker ways to earn XP quickly. Both leveling the player level and individual towers take XP, which is to be earned in different methods, but there are several fast ways to gain for both.

7 Monkey Education

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There are a lot of in-game ways to make XP quickly, but before any of that, players will want to investigate monkey knowledge. Points to spend here are unlocked with each new level gained, but there is one particular perk that can be gained early which will skip a lot of the grind for new players.

Monkey Education is found in the “support knowledge” section, and getting it will increase the XP earning rate of all monkeys by 8%. This massive increase will allow players to pick up huge tower upgrades with a huge volume of the grind completely skipped along the way.

6 Focus On Specific Towers

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It should almost go without saying, but XP for towers is split evenly across the towers placed on the map at any given time. This means if a player is trying to gain XP for their bomb shooters but only has two bomb shooters and three farms on the map, they will gain more for their farms than their bomb shooters.

Going heavy on whichever tower is meant to be gaining XP is the best policy for trying to rapidly up the XP on a specific tower. If players are just trying to gain XP across all towers, then featuring a little of everything is the right idea.

5 No Free Play

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For trying to gain player XP especially, free-play isn’t the right thing to be doing. Logically, some players think they should go into free-play because it provides the opportunity to pop more bloons quickly. Unfortunately, there is a decrease once the player enters free play for how much XP they earn per pop.

This means that free play isn’t actually worth it, and players should try to focus on staying within the bounds of a normal game and then moving on to the next game instead of trying to push into free play.

4 Impoppable

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CHIMPS and Impoppable modes are the best policy for trying to quickly gain XP. Not only have they been considered the most difficult modes in the game, but they are also the longest. Players have to make it to and survive round 100 for the medal in these modes, meaning they are the only modes in which players can go as long as round 100 without entering free play.

Related:Best Strategy Games Of 2020There can be a huge volume of XP gained by playing the same map on Impoppable over and over. It may seem tedious, but it can quickly gain and be easy to do once players have figured out a strategy for beating a certain map on Impoppable mode.

3 Harder Maps

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There is also a difference in XP earned per pop depending on which maps players are currently on. It can make a massive difference if they focus on higher-difficulty maps such as Infernal, which is an expert map and earns around 30% higher XP per pop than a beginner map would do.

This makes it again a smart idea to go through the modes and unlock the highest ones on a map like Infernal and use the same strategies (snipers are particularly good on Infernal) to beat each mode and gain a huge volume of XP quickly. Unlocking many of the later Monkey Knowledge points such as more cash and bonus monkey will make the process of beating more difficult maps easier.

2 Spend Heavy

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The XP split between towers is not dependent on the pops they get but on how many are placed and how much is in general spent on the towers during the game. For this reason, it is good to spend heavily on the towers that players are trying to get increased XP for.

It also helps to find which maps are more suited to certain towers, as this can be useful for the more difficult game modes and enables players to safely farm XP for a certain tower somewhere that the tower will be able to handle everything thrown at it with ease.

1 Deflation

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Playing deflation, particularly on hard maps, is a quick way to gain player XP as there will be a lot of bloon pops in a short space of time, and the player doesn’t have to place anything after the initial cash spend at the beginning.

The point of deflation is to use resources carefully. If players have a constant setup like 4-0-0 Alchemist and 4-0-1 Ninja with their other towers that need to gain XP then they will be able to gain a huge amount of XP in a short space of time by getting a lot of bloon pops.

Bloons TD 6 was released on June 14, 2018, and is available for Android, iOS, and PC.

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Bloons TD 6: How To Get XP Fast (2024)
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