Experience Point Farming (2024)

Experience Point Farming (1)

Unofficial Name
The term "Experience Point Farming" is only a conjectural term coined by fans and has not been confirmed by official sources (e.g. in-game, Ninja Kiwi blog).

Experience Point Farming, often shortened to XP Farming, is the gaining of experience points quickly or to rank up quickly. Normally, players gain experience points by playing the game more often, if for upgrade experience points, or by popping more bloons, if for Ranks.


  • 1 XP Generation Totals
    • 1.1 XP distribution
  • 2 General Strategy
    • 2.1 Summary
    • 2.2 Tips
  • 3 Methods
    • 3.1 BTD5 (Methods)
      • 3.1.1 Method 1: MOAB Madness
      • 3.1.2 Method 2: Regrow Farm
      • 3.1.3 Method 3: Beginner Maps on Easy
      • 3.1.4 Method 4
    • 3.2 BTD6 (Methods)
      • 3.2.1 Method 1: Deflation
      • 3.2.2 Method 2: Deflation (Alternate)
      • 3.2.3 Method 3: Deflation (Alternate)
  • 4 Former Methods
    • 4.1 BTD6 (Former Methods)
      • 4.1.1 Method 1: Playing trivial ACs

XP Generation Totals[]

In BTD6, higher difficulties and higher level maps (+10%, +20%, +30% for harder maps) gain more XP per round.

Total XP
1-40 (Easy)21400235402568027820
31-60 (Deflation)45950505455514059735
1-60 (Medium)56950626456834074035
3-80 (Hard)126150138765151380163995
6-100 (Impoppable/CHIMPS)231150254265277380300495

XP distribution[]

In BTD6, the XP is distributed based on the cost of towers, not the number of towers. If there are two towers of one type worth $1000 in total and a different tower worth $1000, then each tower type will receive 50% of the XP.

General Strategy[]


The aim in Experience Point Farming is to farm as much XP as possible. In BTD5 and BTD6, earning maximum XP helps unlock new upgrades and rank much faster. Place more towers, pop more bloons, and just focus on a specific strategy for maximizing XP gain.


  • Place as many of the same tower as possible and upgrade them highly. In BTD6, spending more money on the same tower type allows a greater percentage of XP to be given to that favorable tower type. In BTD5, rely on popping many bloons.
  • In BTD6, Expert Maps give the most XP. However, they are generally more difficult than the easier difficulties. Opt for a map that is easy in comparison to its difficulty. Examples include Streambed, Downstream, or Balance for Intermediate Difficulty; Off the Coast, Another Brick, or Cornfield for Advanced Difficulty; and Dark Castle or Infernal for Expert Difficulty.


BTD5 (Methods)[]

Method 1: MOAB Madness[]

Experience Point Farming (2)

Play lots and lots of Special Missions and alternate the use of towers. Play MOAB Madness and use lots of MOAB Maulers, some Arctic Wind and several Glaive Ricochet, and perhaps a few Ice Shards too. With spare money, place in a few towers that you want to have extra Experience Points with, and they should be able to unlock new upgrades each time. If you want to speed the amount of experience to over-the-top amounts, which has the capability to unlock 5 upgrades in one game, then use all of the spare money by spamming the type of tower you want to gain tons of experience.

Note: Does not work for Monkey Buccaneer or Monkey Sub, unless you are willing to spend some Monkey Money to buy Portable Lakes to exploit the experience earning process.

Method 2: Regrow Farm[]

One way to gain ridiculous amounts of Experience Points quickly is to Regen Farm. Popping enough bloons will gain ranks much faster. The looping will gain experience to rank up quickly. Add more random towers for the towers' own experience gain. Requires advanced Monkey Apprentices, Ice Monkeys and among several others. This method no longer works for Bloons TD 5 Flash, as Ninja Kiwi made it impossible to get XP from popping bloons. This works for the Mobile & Steam version.

Method 3: Beginner Maps on Easy[]

Experience Point Farming (3)

Play an Beginner Track on an Easy Difficulty and spam in towers that you wish to develop. Add vital towers to support as well to avoid losing the game. Somehow, you need to find a way to increase the number of the target developing towers and at the same time avoid losing the game. It may be easy to develop Dartling Guns, but it may be more difficult to develop Super Monkeys in this method, as Super Monkeys are very expensive.

If you want to develop water-based towers, try playing Park Path.

Method 4[]

Play more of the Daily Challenges Third Time's A Charm (July 2nd, 2012), The Daring Dozen (January 27th 2014) or 20 Ceramics on the Wall (July 30th, 2012). Playing 20 Ceramics on the Wall Rounds 1-70 can earn around 5000 XP each time, and The Daring Dozen can give lots of XP on rounds 37-39, 49, and 61.

BTD6 (Methods)[]

Method 1: Deflation[]

Play on any Sniper-viable map, especially Infernal (gains +30% XP compared to Beginner Maps), and use a 2-0-2 Village, 4-2-0 Alchemist, and 0-2-4 Sniper. Then add any other towers around the map. Gains player XP quickly and simply. Won't pass round 60 unless additional towers can pop camo lead.

Method 2: Deflation (Alternate)[]

Place a 4-0-0 Alchemist and a 4-0-1 Ninja towards the start of the map, and fill the rest of the map with the desired tower. The lower cost of the Ninja and Alchemist allow for more XP to be allocated to the target tower.

Method 3: Deflation (Alternate)[]

For focusing on leveling up a specific monkey, only or mostly use that monkey. Certain monkeys can't last to round 60 on their own, but they can make it far enough to gain more XP than by using the previous methods.

Configurations that can last through round 60:

  • Heli Pilot: Four 3-2-0 (may need 0-1-1 Mortar Monkey)
  • Mortar Monkey: One 4-2-0, one 2-4-0, one 2-0-3, and one 1-0-0
    • May or may not need to quickly adjust position after killing BFB on round 60 to pop the children.
    • Tested on Logs with all mortars pointing at an intersection.
  • Dartling Gunner: One 4-2-0, one 2-2-0, and one 2-1-0
  • Super Monkey: One 2-0-3 and one 0-0-2
  • Beast Handler: 0-2-0 village, one 4-2-0, one 1-2-0, and one 0-1-1.

Former Methods[]

BTD6 (Former Methods)[]

Method 1: Playing trivial ACs[]

If lucky, a trivial Advanced challenge can be played over and over again to gain a huge amount of XP. A notable example is the previous 4th/5th March 2022 Advanced challenge "111111 Against 265", accumulating more than double the XP compared to deflation mode on Infernal.

No longer works since Version 34.0, which causes Advanced Challenges to no longer earn XP.

Experience Point Farming (2024)
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