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DUAL car stereos are a popular choice for car audio enthusiasts, thanks to the variety of features and benefits they offer. If your car doesn’t come with an impressive stock stereo, upgrading to a DUAL model can be one of the best decisions to make – DUAL car stereos produce superior sound quality.

But then, how do you pair and connect Bluetooth devices on a DUAL car stereo? Basically, it works like every other car stereo model, but you need a “passcode” to complete the wireless pairing. In this article, we’d detail how to pair and connect Bluetooth devices on DUAL car stereo.

DUAL Car Stereos Overview

DUAL has earned a very high reputation for manufacturing top-quality car stereos for different cars.

Car stereos manufactured by DUAL typically integrate EQs and crossovers, and they are versatile (offer multiple connectivity options, including Bluetooth wireless). Due to the multiple connection options, it’s easy to pair/connect your devices to your DUAL car stereo.

Interestingly, DUAL car stereos are priced “affordably” even though they seem to include a ton of “great” features. DUAL remains among the foremost car stereo brands for budget-minded car audio enthusiasts. A typical DUAL car stereo comes with the following functions/features:

  • AM/FM radio
  • CD player
  • MP3 player
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB port
  • Auxiliary input
  • Steering wheel control compatibility
  • Voice control compatibility
  • Equalizer
  • Crossover
  • Amplifier
  • Speakers

How To Pair and Connect Bluetooth Devices on DUAL Car Stereo

The guide/procedures explained below are for DUAL XDM290BT, XDM280BT, XDM27BT, and Xvm279bt devices.

Method One: Using the Official Mobile App

The DUAL iPlug P2 Remote Control allows you to connect your devices to your car stereo easily. You can get the app from Apple’s official App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android device users.

  • Launch the app after installation and tap on the “Pair” option from the menu.
  • Enable your mobile device’s Bluetooth and also enable the Bluetooth settings on your DUAL device.
  • Search for new Bluetooth devices on the DUAL iPlug app and select your DUAL car stereo device when it appears – tap on the stereo device to start pairing.
  • Confirm the pairing connection on both devices, and viola! You’re done. Your mobile device will now be connected to your DUAL car stereo via Bluetooth,, and you can enjoy seamless streams.
  • If you’re asked to enter a connection “PIN,” ensure the same exact pin shown on your DUAL device head unit.

Method Two: Through Default Settings

You can connect your device through the head unit of your DUAL car stereo. This is achievable through the default settings menu. Hereunder are the complete steps on how to connect your mobile device to your DUAL stereo.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your DUAL head unit; to do this, press the MODE button/switch and change the player’s mode to Bluetooth. Automatically, the head unit’s Bluetooth connectivity will be turned on.
  • Now turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device and search for the DUAL stereo device. When your device searches and finds it, tap on the name (usually Dual Media Player).
  • You may be required to enter a connection code, which is “1234” – enter the code and complete the pairing.
  • The connection should be complete at this time. You can now play music or stream wireless from your mobile device. If the pairing does not complete successfully, restart the head unit.

Method Three: Pairing an Additional Device

Okay, you’ve added one of your devices to your DUAL car stereo, and you wish to connect to another device. Yes, it’s possible to pair another device to your DUAL car stereo device. The connection process is a bit different from the procedure of connecting a new device.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your new device/phone – then press and hold the volume button/knob on your DUAL radio device (which you had paired to a previous device) for about two seconds.
  • Now search for the DUAL stereo device on your new phone – the device will appear with its name, e.g. “DUAL XDM290BT.” Tap on the name and pair your new device.
  • The passcode remains “1234” – enter it when prompted to complete the pairing.
  • Once your device is successfully paired, you can stream from it and enjoy!

Note: To switch between paired devices, press and hold the Volume button/knob on the head unit for two seconds (or a little bit more) to navigate through the list of paired devices. This mostly works for DUAL XDM290BT device.

Things to Note:

  • On DUAL XDM280BT, you should press the “Source” button to switch to Bluetooth mode and pair your devices. Also, to add another device, press the “Pairing” button and choose the option to “Add New Device.”
  • You can reset the Bluetooth connections at any time.
  • You can pair more than two devices to a DUAL radio device.
  • The passcode for all DUAL car stereos with Bluetooth connectivity support is “1234.”

How Do I Reset My Dual Bluetooth Stereo?

There’s a “Reset” button available on DUAL stereos – you only need to simply press the button to reset your DUAL stereo to its default settings. The reset button is typically located behind the front panel.


This article clearly explains how you can pair, and connect Bluetooth devices on your DUAL car stereos, regardless of the model you’ve got.

It also hints at how to reset your DUAL radio and the passcode needed to pair new Bluetooth devices to your stereo. Hopefully, this was a comprehensive guide for you.


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How To Pair And Connect Bluetooth Devices On DUAL Car Stereo - Motorist Care (2024)
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