Must Sees | Forest Attractions | Bernheim Forest (2024)

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Must Sees | Forest Attractions | Bernheim Forest (2)

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Bernheim's Must Sees

Take an outside chance and explore all the things to see and do in our forest. Make sure to check these out as you discover the wild and wondrous world of Bernheim Forest and Arboretum!

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Must Sees | Forest Attractions | Bernheim Forest (3)

ACRE is a colorful, living installation addressing the organization’s history through planting of redbud trees that mark an acre boundary, in memory of the forest that was previously devastated by industry at an acre a day.

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Canopy Tree Walk

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Hang out in the tree-tops in our Canopy Tree Walk. This short boardwalk extends into the forest canopy, suspending visitors an astonishing 75 feet above the forest floor, offering breathtaking views of the gorgeous knobs that make up our 16,000+ acres and that inspired our new logo!

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Forest Giants

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Designed in harmony with nature to illustrate the scale of wonder for both children and adults alike!Completed in 2019, Thomas Dambo’sForest Giants in a Giant Forestinstallation at Bernheim consists of three sculptures that spark the imagination andby using repurposed and natural materials, Dambo hopes to inspire people to have fun and think of trash as a resource.

Come out and visit Mama Loumari with her children, Little Nis and Little Elina before they determine their next temporary residence!

Meet the Forest Giants


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Free, wild, and adventurous play in nature ignites children’s imaginations at Bernheim’s Playcosystem, a new 17-acre natural playground. Playcosystem is designed in harmony with nature to provide children with open-ended, physically challenging, and unstructured play opportunities that support healthy development.

Led by Children at Play Network, a Bernheim initiative, we’ll complete the nation’s largest natural playground in 2024 – watch for amazing new features and additional adventures!

Discover Play!

Sensory Garden

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A place of inclusion where everyone feels accepted, supported, and in harmony with nature! The garden features five beds, each dedicated to one of the senses, plus a quiet space for those who need a calming environment. Garden signage includes Braille and pictograms.

This accessible garden can be reached via the Education Center parking lot.


Must Sees | Forest Attractions | Bernheim Forest (8)

This bold, new initiative annually celebrates innovative design concepts for immersive outdoor installations on a grand scale that will spark imaginations, conversations, and a deeper appreciation of the natural world.


Expressive Art

Must Sees | Forest Attractions | Bernheim Forest (9)

Art was an essential component of our founder, Isaac Wolfe Bernheim’s original vision for Bernheim. For over 40 years, we’ve been incorporating art into our natural landscapes and featuring local, regional, national, and international artists!


Fire Tower

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Experience Bernheim from atop our oldest structure, the historic fire tower! When the Tower is open, one of our amazing volunteer naturalists will lead you 961 feet up the flights of stairs for one of the best views in the state!

The incredible scenery of the knobby landscape that surrounds Bernheim will dazzle and delight!

Edible Garden

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Explore our one-of-a-kind Edible Garden – a four-acre site just across from Bernheim’s Visitor Center that serves as a gateway to connect people with nature via the country’s most popular pastime – gardening. Learn how the garden makes the environment healthier by meeting the most rigorous green design standards in the world.

Edible Garden

Visitor's Center

Must Sees | Forest Attractions | Bernheim Forest (12)

Come by Kentucky’s first LEED® platinum building for information to help plan your visit and discover our forest! Take a minute to relax, explore our gift shop, grab a bite at Isaac’s café, and learn about sustainable design.

Visitor Center

Plant Collections

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With 3,845 accessioned plant records and counting, there is never a shortage of plants to discover at Bernheim.

Plant Database

Meditation Trail

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Take a stroll or even just a moment to immerse in the sounds and wonders of nature on our Meditation Trail. This tranquil trail is near the Sensory Garden and off of the Bent Twig Trail.

The Meditation Trail (0.5 mi)

Like many others, we were drawn here initially to see the Giants, wooden sculptures by Danish artist Thomas Dambo, but there is so much more to see!

Must Sees | Forest Attractions | Bernheim Forest (15)


CONNECT at Bernheim


Discover the enchanting intersection of art, science, and nature during CONNECT, Bernheim’s annual eclectic evening event. Join us on August 17, 5:33 – 11:33 p.m. to experience Lake Nevin as it comes alive with spontaneous art, light sculptures, and musical performances from renowned artists along with interactive art and science…

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Must Sees | Forest Attractions | Bernheim Forest (2024)
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